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Monday, November 21, 2011

Shogun Japanese Buffet @ SOHO KL, Solaris Mont Kiara

Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Finally im able to update my blog and after a weekend long of frustration of not being able to upload all my photos. So I hope you'll enjoy the photos !

 17 November
Dad's belated birthday dinner was the occasion. Coincidentally it was Shogun's grand opening too! which is located just right above Solaris Mont Kiara's Cold Storage. Alot of Media and Guest but i went as neither one of them- But a paying customer. I also bumped into there.

Needless to say, the place was filled. But not over-crowded. Still able to move about and not having to wait in ridiculous long ques as the place was pretty spacious and they had wide variations of food situated at different spots.
We were greeted by a long row of sweet smelling bouquets- that made me wanna poke my nose into every bouquet to get a good sniff of it. Lul!!
Which also brought back memories.

Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Surprisingly, the outdoor/ city highway view area was fairly spacious. With multiple misty fans surrounding the area. It was cooling. But if youre more of a aircond-dont-like-sweating type of person than i'd suggest you to make your reservations before your visit.

Shogun Japanese Buffet SOHO KLSome food are freshly cooked upon requests.

Shogun Japanese Buffet SOHO KL
Shogun Japanese Buffet SOHO KL
Your very own Dim Sum station.
They even have shark's fin dumpling! :(

IMG_2770 IMG_2774 IMG_2781 IMG_2782
Any fans of CHUKA IDAKO?! (baby octopus)
I got a lil bit kiasu and took a little too much and i couldnt finish it. Just so you know, they're sauce is not the normal one you usually get from Sushi King/Sakae Sushi/Sushi Zanmai. It had Shogun's touch to it- a little hint of hotness ;)

IMG_2790Oh boy, this got my heart broken to pieces :(
Every chinese's favourite- Shark's Fin Soup.
It might have worth your money paying for this buffet and i would've prolly gotten  more than 3 bowls of it, if it was a year or two ago But this is wrong. How a shark has to go thru cruelty just moments before its death so humans could enjoy a ridiculously priced bowl of soup- it sickens me.
If you agree- Say No to Shark's Fin Soup with me! :)

Sauce lovers, Here is your heaven.

The never ending supply of Sushi & California rolls throughout the night.

So i sneaked into the kitchen (with permission) to get a little closer look of what they were doing to satisfy the customer's tummy.

IMG_2806 IMG_2812 IMG_2810
Spotted! CUTE Moo Moo cow printed ice making machine ( i think )

Beverages corner. Hot Drinks, Cold drinks, you name it.

Again, Shark's fin cooked with Egg :(

Behold, this is the Steam Cod Fish Head!
It gets empty quick as soon as its filled. Alot people were smart and kept eyeing on the refills for this. Definitely one of the   highlights  of the night.
Heard that a piece as small as your palm would prolly cost about rm30? Plus, imagine the amount of protein youre getting from this Cod Fish!

IMG_2818 IMG_2819
Slicing up the fresh salmon and tuna to be served raw.

Paul the Octopus! would you eat? I tried but i dint like it.
I can somehow feel that the tentacles still in motion. Maybe too much Pirates of the Caribbean :P

Now this is the Soon Hock Bamboo Fish!
ZOMG! It was soooo fresh, i felt like i was eating a cotton candy. the meat was so Soft! You dont have a chance of even chewing/biting before you swallow. Definitely another  Highlight of the night.

Steam Cod Fish Head!
as i mentioned before this.

IMG_2828 IMG_2870 IMG_2873
Belly Salmon Teriyaki

Behold, the 100 KG TUNA! Definitely the highlight of the night.
This was the tuna they were serving us for the night. I wonder how much did we ate from this tuna. How much was left of it after that night. Teehee.

Green muscle with garlic sauce. i Like! :)

GREEN TEA Ice cream!! Shogun Scored right there!!
Its time for something different other than the usuals including my used-to-be-favourite Peppermint ice cream. Dont worry, there are 2 ice cream refrigerators there.

And for Dessert Time!
IMG_2801 IMG_2800 IMG_2798
Looks might be deceiving; they actually give you the one behind in the picture.
It tasted very blah without the chocolate sprinkles on it.

There was couple of table behind us that were having their team building.
Very cool. Most of them were very sporting in participating in the game organized.

Now this small part of the restaurant is a little bit more private. If you would like to celebrate a special occasion, best to request for this area. Fits roughly 25 people.

IMG_2880 IMG_2884
Look!! The Tuna's head is even bigger than my head. Prolly TWICE the size of mine! D:
Monsters of the sea~

The staffs were pretty friendly too. And they kept working hard to replenish the trays after they've been emptied out. The best time to eat was when it was almost the closing time. Every had their tummies filled and they would still replenish the food.
This was the grand opening of Shogun, so im not entirely sure about the service during a normal day. #justsaying.

Family photo!

IMG_3014_副本 IMG_2851  IMG_2894 IMG_2836_副本 IMG_2847_副本  IMG_2852_副本 IMG_2856_副本 IMG_2860_副本 IMG_2864_副本 IMG_2895_副本
Dearest mummy! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

Ended up being the last one landing! I even begged for more time for the family to stay so i could chill and enjoy my ice cream =P
I was seriously veryyyyyyy full by then.
Green Tea ice cream was just the cherry on top

IMG_2899 IMG_2900_副本  IMG_2905_副本 IMG_2907_副本 IMG_2910_副本
As i might not have helped it, I may have taken one or two flowers back home with me *Shhhhhhh*

IMG_2913_副本 IMG_2967_副本 IMG_2974_副本

IMG_2975_副本 IMG_2985_副本 IMG_2767
Taken after getting ready (before i got all sweaty and sticky) 
How are you liking my make up? :)

And if you havent meet my paper craft Danbo, since you arent friends with me on Facebook yet.
Here it my baby Danbo! Its self made!
I have a Album of it in Facebook which you can check it out if you like.
The real Danbo is on my Christmas list ;)

IMG_3002_副本 IMG_3004_副本 IMG_3006_副本

Till the next time;

♥s Mermaid;


  1. Oh my! Food overload!
    You look pretty by the way :)

    Jamie Kate

  2. Your face like shit

    1. and your face is like?? get a life dude!!


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